In this place
We're all the same
None of us have faces
None of us have names
None of us are human
We are something new
Welcome to a world
Never meant for you

But we have a place
Where you can go to hide
An empty, little Box
For you to crawl inside
Lock the door
Throw away the key
I don't want to see your face
Until you're just like me

We are the human race
We destroy all that we fear
We fear what we do not understand
And we do not understand you

You will become like us
Or you will be destroyed


I am the photo negative of everything that you see
I don't know who I am so I let them tell me what to be
All the seeds in my head were planted there by someone before
And now my weeds are grown and there's no room to dig anymore

Everything that you say is caught by metal teeth in my mind
I grind it up and shit it out so I can leave it behind
They put the tumor in my brain so I'd be one with the horde
It speaks a billion cancer-hungry voices screaming for more

I only hear what I want to hear
I only see what I want to see
But what they tell me I should fear
Is everything I'll never be

Into this world
I was alone
But now I belong
I found a home
We are the vast
We have one brain
I am one of many
And we are the same

They say that you're defective, something must be wrong with your head
The only way to fix it is to bash it in till it's dead
Back in your fucking cage, you piece of shit, you can't understand
You never learn, don't blame the stick when it's been swung by the hand

Am I dead
I can't feel
What is real


I never told a lie, so put your trust in me
I swear I'll be the only friend that you'll ever need
Don't mind the trail of maggots that I leave behind
Sometimes there's too much to keep them all inside
I got a little extra skin I pull over my head
I gotta use what's alive to cover up the dead
I'll just take a little bit and throw the rest away
Cause you probably didn't even need it anyway

And the sheep line up for the wolves to eat
Grow some teeth or become the meat
Necrotic holes inside the brain
The virus grows, I feel no shame

Cause we are the dead show
Making the scabs grow
Tear off the good just to fix the rest
Always on display
Never could betray
The real head's underneath a mask of Flesh

I'm just a devious guy in a devious place
Who's trying to get by without a devious face
Assemble the pieces to take it apart
Codependability's a rising art
Maybe one day you could be more like me
Cruelty's a bargain price to make me feel this free
You know it's not so bad when you get used to the smell
It draws a lot of flies but they serve me well

I'm not the only one the blame
If you were me you'd do the same
They fed it to me on a plate
I just can't keep down what I ate

I got some extra skin
But it's paper-thin
And you can see right through
And what you see is you

We are the multi
Adding the anti
Everyone's your friend when you exist to impress
We are the parade
Playing the charade
How could you hate me when I'm so well-dressed?


The worm that lives inside my ear
Whispers all the things
That I don't want to hear
He slithers back into my head
Eating all the living
Shitting out the dead

Nothing I can do
Not allowed to be
Suffering you
Crippling me


"This is evolution
Don't look so afraid
Let go your confusion
I am what you made"

It's not the same
It's not the same
Something strange has come to play
I'm not to blame
I'm not to blame
Something came, I went away

This is what you made
Something else is here
Something in your brain
Someone you should fear


I am the self
You can not help
Because I accept
All you reject
I live in a hole
You dug in your soul
And eat all the hate
That you throw away

I am the rage
That you can not cage
The black and the red
The scream in your head
The weed in your brain
I strangle the sane
I feed on your guilt
And I'll never wilt
The empty inside
That you try to hide
The smile you fake
This is what you made
The taste of your blood
Your face in the mud
The broken and sore
Hungry for more

Made up of plastic and wires and springs
My marrionette has such delicate strings
Parasitic intrinsic, I feed on your soul
My name is Malice, in control

Act like a prick
You make me sick
I rot in your head
I wish you were dead
Waiting within
A prison of skin
You lie in your cell
I'm trapped in your hell
I see through the eyes
Of a broken mind
Damaged inside
Beat yourself blind
I'll ruin your life
Make everything right
I'll set you free
You'll wish you were me

I'm in control
I'm in control
Burning a hole

The zipperheads and the eaters of flesh
Are coming for you and they're just like the rest
The swarm is upon you so raise up your fist
Hurt those who hurt you or cease to exist


Do you think you're pure?
Do you think you're clean?
You're a disease
A dirt machine
And you spray your filth
And I breath it in
Now it's in my veins
And it's on my skin
And every day
You give me some more
You got to beat me down
You got to win that war
You got to make me sorry
That I exists
I'm an inconvenience
To your fist

I only live
To play your game
There's no one but
Myself to blame
I feel my blood
Begin to burn
I guess that I'll just
Never learn

This constant screaming in my head
Won't stop until you're lying dead
Your face embodies all I hate
Can't seem to smash it all away
I am the cure for your disease
Paid for in blood and flesh and teeth

Tell me what to do
When all I see is you
I can't get away
The pain is every day
Time is razor thin
It cuts along my skin
Opens all the wounds
Bleeding just for you

Every day I die for you, but would you die for me?
The longer I survive, the stronger my disease

A world without you could never be enough for me
And I would give you anything but you don't want what's free

I don't have a soul
But you could fill The Hole
You could light the dark
Ripping me apart
Time is running out
The blood comes pouring out
I can't live this way
Something has to change

I wish I didn't have to sleep so I wouldn't have to dream
And I wouldn't have to see your face and then I could be free
Cause a world without you could never be enough for me
And I would give you anything but you don't want what's free

Cant get you
Out of me
In my head
Better off dead

Look at me
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me

Don't look at me that way


You can never touch
What can not be reached
But in this tiny place
It's all that I could see

Covered in this filth
I wished that I could fly
But then for just an instant
I could touch the sky

With a blinding flash
Darkness burnt the light
But just before the ash
Everything was bright

Then I saw how sick
My world had become
A world with no hope
A world with no Sun


This is a world made just for you
Out of the garden of shit you grew
The cockroaches march to and fro
Not knowing why, no place to go
This is the place where we decay
We die a little bit every day
Like cannibal animals in a cage
Let's eat ourselves and regurgitate

These are the victims of an irresponsible god
Necrotic symptoms of a planet left to rot

The Revelation
You don't want to admit
The Hell Dimension
Doesn't exist

Spider's web, spun with lies
Zombie flock force-fed flies
Never meant to see the truth
Fear your god, but I fear you


This is the cesspool you created
We have no prejudice; everyone gets hated
Can't feel the nails enter your flesh, you're so sedated
Climb down off your cross and see the world the way you made it

The brain is dead, the eyes are wide
Deiphobia is blind


Sometimes I close my eyes to feel the smile upon your face
Just then I realize my head has been erased
A paper life with a paper doll makes you feel alive
I'm sick from hiding all the papercuts inside

Someone save me, someone save me
Make it go away
Someone break me, Someone break me
Throw the shards away

You were too pure (take)
This was the cure (rape)

Nothing fills The Hole
I'm grinding up myself
Nothing kills the cold
Now I'm someone else

All that I see
You belong to me
Why can't I be?
I'm what you need

Taking everything apart
Eat the muscles in my heart
Different teeth all fell the same
All alone, who should I blame?

Lost myself that day; all I see is you
Thought I'd hit the ground but I fell right through
Wish I knew what had become of you
But The Pain of Not Knowing is less than if I knew
(you never belonged to me but I still belong to you)


There once was a worm who lived in my head
He'd come out for a peek while I slept in my bed
There once was a worm but now he is dead
He came out for a peek and I cut off his head

Well you tried so hard to turn me into you
But I swallowed all the pain that you put me through
And it sunk way down and ate a hole in my chest
First I lost everything and then I lost the rest
You can't carve me out, I'm not made of clay
You can't starve me out, I won't fade away
You tried to put your fingers into what you made
I'm not a mother fucking puppet, I'm a razorblade
I've got broken glass coming out of my skin
It cuts through everything you try to put me in
You force fed me this, now it's a part of me
It shredded everything up at the heart of me
Torn apart, I vomit all the blood and scabs
It covers every single fucking place you have
I'm the one who knows exactly what you need
All you want is someone who can make you bleed
I will defile you nailed to your crucifix
Blood of fallen angels drips from my fingertips
Swallow the poison flowing out from my lips
I taint your veins, invade your brain
I pollute your mind till your hypnotized
Burn the cataracts off your fucking eyes
Cut the worms and maggots right out of your brain
You damage me, you're gonna feel the pain

I forged my hate into a rusted blade
And slit the throats of all the gods you made
I've suffered for you, but I found my place
You have no power in my world, I am the Negative Space

In this world there is a place
Where things go to be erased
Negative Space
Inside me, inside me
All things cease to be
Negative Space

Sticks and stones won't break my bones but I'll forever hurt you
Douse your dreams in kerosene and blister as I burn you

Made of blades and you take the pain

I am a vortex you can't escape
The event horizon of your final days
I will devour all your wasted space
You will be absorbed, you will be changed
Slowly crushed by my gravity
Your form is distorted, now a part of me
I consume the light and create the dark
Your wretched universe will be ever scarred
Suffering you, now you're gonna pay
I'm the eater of worlds, Negative Space

Mold the clay
What you made
Can't escape
Fade away
Final days
Feel the pain
Invade your brain
Fall from grace
Human waste
I erase
Empty Space
Rusted blade
Gods you made
Found my place
Negative Space


Waiting in the back of the line