dotFALL - Cyberpunk Minigame
dotFALL is a fast, 3D game by Jaye about falling through a neon cyberworld, avoiding walls, and collecting data nodes. Go check it out.
Nick or Gary? on Game Jolt
We've released our first game as Cricketheads, Nick or Gary?, on Jordan and Jaye designed it in GameMaker as a weekend challenge. It's a fast and furious little game, like a swift punch in the face. We've already released the first update, with more on the way. Play it till your face hurts. Then rate it a 5. Or else.
The New Cricketheads & Nightmare Games Page
Redesigned for your viewing pleasure. We're going to be adding frequent updates here from now on, with screenshots, new projects and general development news. Coming soon: RSS feed.

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